What is Farmamerica?

Young girls at Farm Camp

The Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center (Farmamerica) was established by the Minnesota legislature in 1978 to preserve, celebrate, and promote the state’s rich connection to agriculture. We started with a few acres, donated by Roy & Marcie Lukken and with the help of the local community, legislators and contributors, we built the center into a 360-acre site which includes a visitor center, a pond and prairie, many external historical buildings, plus a collection of antique farm equipment. 

Vision & Mission: Farmamerica connects people with the evolution of agriculture by being Minnesota’s center for agricultural interpretation. 

We help people better understand how agriculture shaped Minnesota’s past and how it continues to provide our communities with food, fiber, and renewable fuels in a more sustainable manner than ever before. Agriculture drives Minnesota’s economy and provides outstanding, high-paying job opportunities throughout the state.

Farmamerica is an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity. Admissions are treated as contributions and donations. All funds received are used to underwrite the costs of educational programming.