Investing in our past, present, and future

Farmamerica is embarking on a $1 million capital campaign to expand and renovate our existing facilities. The plans include upgrading classroom space, adding year-round agriculture literacy opportunities, and remodeling the Visitor Center with interactive exhibits and experiences about agriculture’s impact on everyday lives.  

As a non-profit organization, our vision is to connect people with the evolution of agriculture through sensory experiences, hands-on activities, educational programming, and family events. The site-improvements will allow us to double the number of visitors to more than 20,000 each year.  With your help, we can ensure that Farmamerica stays rooted in our agricultural heritage and nurtures the growth of agriculture for future generations. 

Campaign Overview:
Farmamerica – Our Case for Support  
Rooted & Growing – The Campaign to Expand Farmamerica

To learn more, contact: Jessica Rollins, Executive Director at (507) 835-2052 or