The Gallagher Country School

The Gallagher Country School is a typical example of a one-room schoolhouse. In 1849 education was offered to any township with a minimum of 5 families as designated by the Territorial Legislature.

Early schools were one room buildings offering studies for grades 1-8. One teacher was assigned to teach all levels in the school. Most students walked several miles every day just to have the opportunity to get an education.

The community of settlers supported the school and teacher by maintaining the building, supplying wood and water, and offering the teacher a home to live in near the school.

Only the wealthiest farm families had the luxury of having their children attend school throughout the calendar year and through the 8th grade. Many students needed to leave school in the spring to help with planting and would not return until after harvest in the fall.

Most students left their studies behind after 3rd grade when they had mastered basic math and reading skills. This was necessary, as they were needed to help out on the family farm.