Answers to your Farm Camp Questions

Q: Where does camp take place?

A: Beyond the Barn Farm Camp takes place on the grounds of Farmamerica at 7367 360th Ave. Waseca, MN 56093. Campers and parents should report to the main entrance of the visitor center upon arrival each day. 


Q: How do I register my camper for Farm Camp

A: You can register and pay for Beyond the Barn Farm Camp online using a credit card here.

If you prefer, you can print registration forms and return them with a check for your $150 registration fee in person, or by mail to Farmamerica, 7367 360th Avenue, Waseca, MN 56093. 


Q: How much is the 3-day day camp?

A: $150 is the non-member rate.  $125 is the rate with a Farmamerica family membership.

The registration fee includes three full days of programming, supplies, a daily snack, and a Farmamerica branded draw-string bag.

To learn more about becoming a Farmamerica member:


Q: When should I register my camper? 

A: Register your camper for summer camp today! Click here to register online, or if you can download a registration form here.  Registration is open until Tuesday, May 26. If you would like to register after this date, please call 507-835-2052 to see if space is still available. 


Q: Are there any discounts or scholarships for Farm Camp?

A: There are a limited number of financial assistance scholarship opportunities available for Beyond the Barn Farm Camp. To apply for a farm camp scholarship click here.

To inquire about scholarships please email with the subject line “Farm Camp Scholarships”. 

If a sibling signs up for a 2020 Farmamerica summer camp, the rate for the second registration will be discounted to $110. 


Q: Can I sign my camper up for just one day? 

A: Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer single day sessions for Beyond the Barn Camp. However, if you are looking for a single day event, we encourage you and your family to join us for our special events throughout the summer that can be found here. 


Q. Is there a cancellation policy*?

A: Yes. In order to cancel your camper’s registration, you must:  

  • Cancel more than 30 days before the start of camp to receive a full refund.
  • Cancel 14-30 days prior to the start of camp to receive a 50% refund.
  • If cancellation occurs less than two weeks prior to the start of camp, unfortunately, we will not be able to refund your registration fee. 

*In the event of a medical condition that causes cancellation, a full refund will be given. Written notification from the family and physician is required.

*If your child leaves camp early or arrives late due to accident, illness, homesickness, behavior problems, other activities to attend or camper or parent request, there will be no refunds or pro-rated fees.


Q: What happens if I’m late?

A: Farmamerica offers AM and PM wrap around care during the summer farm camp program. The care times are between 7:30am -9:00 am & 3:30pm-5pm. If you pick your camper(s) up after 3:30 pm, you will be assessed the $25 fee/child for AM & PM wraparound care.

  • If you are running late, immediately contact the Farmamerica office at 507-835-2052.
  • All campers must be picked up by the end of the program time, 5:00 pm.
  • Late fees will be charged for pick up after this time. A $10.00 fee will be assessed for the first 1 to 15 minutes late, after 15 minutes, an additional $1.00 per minute will be assessed.
  • Failure to pay any additional fees may result in termination of care. If a camper is not picked up within 15 minutes after scheduled closing time, Farmamerica site staff will call Parents/Guardians and emergency contacts.
  • If no one can be reached within 30 minutes after program end time, Farmamerica staff reserves the right to contact the Police Department and/or Child Protective Services to take the camper(s) until the Parent/Guardian is located. A consistent pattern of late pick-ups may be grounds for dismissal from program.


Q: Does Farmamerica provide lunch?

A: No. We find that kids prefer to bring lunch from home. There will however be a healthy snack provided each day and we encourage campers to bring a reusable water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day. Lunches will be refrigerated after drop-off.


Q: What happens if there is severe weather?

A: Safety is our priority at Farmamerica. We keep our schedule flexible and arrange activities to fit the weather forecast. That being said, it’s Minnesota and the weather can be unpredictable. If the Farmamerica area is placed on a weather alert, all campers will be brought into the Visitor Center and weather protocol will be followed. Extremes in weather will be evaluated by the Farmamerica staff if the center will close all anticipated participants will be contacted, and we will post on social media.


Q: What happens if there is an accident or emergency?

A: In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered and an incident report will be completed by Farmamerica staff. Parent/Guardians will be notified as soon as possible after managing the camper’s immediate needs. In case of an emergency, Farmamerica staff will call 911 and contact the Parent/Guardian or emergency contacts provided with the youth’s registration. Staff are trained in emergency responsiveness and procedures are posted on site.

Prior to the start of camp, we ask that you fill out an Authorization for Emergency Medical Care form to ensure Farmamerica can make the necessary decisions in case of an emergency. 


Q: Will Farmamerica staff handle my camper’s medications?

A: Before the dispersal of medication at Farmamerica the Parent/Guardian must complete and sign a Medication Dispense Form – this form can be found here or in-person on the first day of camp.

Medication, prescription or over the counter, must:

  • Be handed to the Day Camp staff at the sign-in table on the first day of camp
  • Be in its original container
  • Include the camper’s name
  • Indicate proper dosages
  • Include specific written instructions for use
  • Be listed and described on Program Participant form, as well as Medication Dispense form. 


Q: What if my camper has allergies and/or asthma?

A: The farm and outdoor environment of Farmamerica can aggravate allergies.

Any camper with known allergies that could lead to severe allergic reactions must bring an appropriate treatment kit to camp.

Asthma: Any camper with asthma must bring medication for treatment. Even if the camper has not needed this medication recently, camp activities/locations, heat, and dust can aggravate symptoms.

Food allergies or any dietary needs must be indicated during the registration process.


Q: What should my camper(s) wear and bring with them? What should they leave at home?

AEach day, campers should bring:

  • Play appropriate clothing
  • Weather dependent clothing
  • Hat 
  • Closed-toed shoes that your camper(s) can run and play in (no sandals)
  • A sack lunch
  • An extra snack (if enrolling in wraparound care)

Please help ensure the comfort and success of your camper(s) by ensuring your camper(s) is/are dressed in play-appropriate clothing each day. Be mindful that they are at a farm camp and their clothing/shoes may get dirty and/or wet. You may send extra clothing as you deem necessary. If you choose to pack extra clothing for your camper(s), please ensure they are labeled with your camper’s first and last name. This is helpful to our campers and staff and reduces the number of items left at camp. 

Campers should prepare for the weather each day, including rain gear, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants. A hat is highly recommended daily, and closed-toed shoes that your camper(s) can run in play in are required (no sandals). 

Farm Camp will be an exciting experience for your camper(s), as a result, they will need all of the energy they can get. Please ensure your camper(s) has/have a sufficient lunch packed to keep them comfortable and help them maintain the energy they will need for three days of camp. 

If you choose to enroll your camper(s) in wraparound care, please consider sending an additional afternoon snack.

The summer is just beginning and that means sunshine. Campers will be provided with sunscreen and bug spray daily. If you wish to use a specific brand of sunscreen/bug spray, please send them with your camper(s), labeled with their name. 

Each day, campers should NOT bring: 

  • Any electronic personal devices
  • Any personal items they do not want to get lost.

In order to maintain an environment suitable for learning and play, we ask that campers do not bring personal electronic devices to camp. (Ex. cell phones, tablets, gaming devices, etc.)

 Farmamerica is a big place and we will be covering large areas daily, camp time will not be spent looking for lost electronics. Farmamerica staff will be connected with the main office throughout each day and parents can call (507-835-2052) to get messages to their campers.


Q: Do you provide camp care before and/or after Beyond the Barn Farm Camp?

A: Yes. AM & PM wraparound care is available for an additional $25 per day. 

 Farmamerica staff will provide AM camp care starting at 7:30am, and PM camp care until 5 pm. During wraparound care, campers will enjoy an extended day of fun with their camp friends. Wraparound activities can range from an early morning dance party, special art or science projects, to animal yoga, farm chores, etc. 

Campers must be registered ahead of time to participate in wraparound care. 

Farm Camp will be an exciting experience for your camper(s), as a result they will need all of the energy they can get. If you choose to enroll your camper(s) in wraparound care, please consider sending an additional afternoon snack to keep your camper(s) comfortable and help them to maintain the energy they will need for three days of camp. 

Should your camper(s) attend any wrap-around care sessions, you will receive an invoice via email for the total amount due. All registration fees must be paid in full before prior to the first day of camp. 

A limited number of wraparound care scholarships are available. To inquire about scholarships please email with the subject line “Farm Camp Scholarships”.

Q. How does pick up and drop off work? Can I send someone to pick my camper(s) up?

A: In order to ensure every camper’s safety, the following policies must be adhered to:

  • Parents/guardians must check-in with a camp staff member to drop off and pick up a camper(s)
  • Parents/guardians picking up a camper(s) must have their names on the Authorized Pick-up List
  • Parents/guardians must provide photo identification to a camp staff member in order to pick up a camper(s)
  • Please allow extra time on Monday during drop off as Farmamerica staff must confirm the following:
    • Verification of authorized pick-up list
    • Review of pick-up & drop-off procedures
    • Collection of any medications
    • Confirmation of Program Enrollment Information


Drop Off Procedures

Use the main entrance, park your vehicle and proceed to the visitor center to meet the Farmamerica staff.

Upon Drop Off each morning, expect the following procedure:

  1. Check-in your camper(s) with a staff member at the sign-in table inside the Visitor Center
  2. Notify staff of any expected changes to afternoon pick-up time
  3. Let staff know of any special news or considerations that will help your camper(s) be successful on any given day of camp. 
  4. Help your campe(s) find a basket for storing their belongings (Hats, water bottles, sunscreen, etc.) 

Pick up Procedures

Upon Pick Up each afternoon, expect the following procedure:

  1. Camp staff will check I.D. of all unknown adults who come to pick up campers and confirm adult is listed on the Authorized Pick-up List
  2. Camp staff will give you any important feedback about your camper’s experience
  3. Notify staff of any expected changes to following day drop off time
  4. Parents/Guardians will initial the sign-out sheet

We also ask that Parents/Guardians:

  • Initial the camp attendance sheet at any time you are signing in or signing out your camper(s) 
  • Notify Farmamerica regarding any change to your account or camper records, including email, authorized people, allergies, etc. between the time you submit your camper’s Camper Enrollment Information and any time before or during camp.
  • Read all materials sent via email or mail or posted at camp
  • Listen to and share concerns with Farmamerica Staff



Authorized Camper Release

  • Camper(s) will only be released to parents/guardians or those authorized by the parent/guardian in advance and in writing.
  • The Farmamerica staff will ask to see a valid photo ID to identify an authorized person/s. If the Farmamerica staff member does not recognize the parent/guardian, they may ask to see a photo ID. This is for the protection and safety of your camper(s).


Additional Information: 

In order to maintain and safe and welcoming environment for our campers, staff and volunteers we ask that you review our “Camper Expectations” with your camper(s). 

Campers are expected to: 

  • Follow the daily camp schedule and remain with their camp group at all times. Even if a camper chooses not to participate in any given activity, they must remain with their group. 
  • Leave all personal electronic devices at home (ex. Cell phones, tablets, gaming devices)
  • Show respect to all campers and staff during their time at Beyond the Barn Farm Camp
  • Use appropriate language and actions when engaging in activities or communicating with staff or other campers at Beyond the Barn Farm Camp. 
  • Work together with staff and other campers in a respectful manner to resolve any conflicts that may arise. 
  • Follow all safety procedures as set forth by Beyond the Barn Farm Camp staff. 
  • Refrain from the use of violence and/or profanity in the form of words, deeds, disrespectfulness or any other unsafe behavior that endangers the safety of campers and staff is not acceptable. 
  • Smoking, alcohol, drugs or possession of weapons will not be tolerated.


Any questions or concerns that have not been addressed by the Farm Camp FAQs can be directed to Program Director Samantha Meyer at (507)835-2052 or 


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