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Volunteer to share and learn

Tram driver and kids

Join the Farmamerica team to help out for a few hours or... more. We have a wide range of opportunities from novice to professional; from learning a new skill to sharing your professional expertise. Call Crystal at 507-835-2052 if any of these options appeal to you.

Following are just a few examples.  In short, there is a place for you here on our volunteer team. 


Sharing and learning skills

Start with what you know and expand from there.  Sometimes its just fun, and sometimes an adventure.  We can teach you. For example, you can care for your pet dog just fine.  Now bring that skill to our farm and we can teach you about caring for chickens, pigs, sheep, calves, and goats.

Maybe you grow a small garden, now hone those skills helping us in the field. Depending on the time of year, it can be a great outing and challenge for a day or longer if you choose. There is always something to do during the planting, growing and harvest seasons. 

Vintage equipment care and maintenance is a challenge. We have many skilled volunteers already working on the equipment. Join the group, learn and get your hands greasy!


We need interpreters to explain and demonstrate agricultural and social practices starting with pre-settlers thru today.  We have a host of volunteers who have actually lived through much of 20th-century evolution of agriculture and speak from first-hand experience. You can be the next generation to pick up the torch and learn from the masters.

Volunteer for a day or more. We have scripts to get you started, but digging into history becomes a passion few can avoid.  We welcome all angles on any agricultural subject.  

If you enjoy working with students, volunteer during our school tour visits. You can help interpret the one-room school house, church, 1850s lifestyle, 1930s farm, blacksmith shop or farmer of today. We also need tractor drivers for the tour trams. Training and materials are available.  If you have a side that likes to act, this is your chance.



We have a very lean budget and can never pay for all the services we need.  The following skills are for illustration.  Agriculture covers them all.  In some cases, we can help defray costs.

  • Construction and maintenance - We could use assistance in building repairs and restoration, including re-shingling, refurbishing the floor in the meeting hall of the blacksmith building, fixing the milk house and renovating an old feed mill.
  • Mechanics - We have a lot of antique farm equipment waiting for TLC.  We have a heated shop to work in and can help defray costs of parts. There is a group of volunteers consecrated to fixing and running equipment, starting with the oldest and on to the newest.
  • Blacksmithing - Farmamerica has a complete blacksmith shop.  Have fun sharing your expertise with budding blacksmiths and visitors.
  • Veterinarian services - With animals being kept on the farm, Farmamerica needs advice and treatment from time to time.  
  • Legal and legislative help - We always need advice and support with our legislators.
  • Historians - Whether you are an academic or simply have a passion for researching history, help us develop material to share.
  • Period experts - We need expertise for each period represented at the farm. One area that needs reinforcing is modern agriculture. We need agronomists, livestock specialists, farmers, horticulturalists to step forward and help develop the narrative and practice for the farm.
  • Prairie Expertise - We want to expand the prairie and need experts to guide us.
  • IT - This is probably the easiest to do since cyberspace is everywhere.  Farmamerica wants to do daily updates from the farm on its website, Facebook, and YouTube.  Join the fun of gathering and posting info on anything related to the farm and surroundings. 
  • Retail - Help out in our gift shop.


Event help: planning, promotions, and operations 

We need help with the planning, promotions, and operations for our events. There are several events this year and we could use help in everything from planning to operations.  Sign up for one or all of them, depending on your availability.  E-mail info@farmamerica.org if interested.