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Farm America


Join our growing family of contributors

Donations help improve our educational programming and exhibits. Donations can be mailed or securely submitted through PayPal online.

 We are a 501c(3), all donations are tax deductible.


Memorial and/or remembrance gifts can be made in memory of a loved one who has died, or for someone you wish to honor.  Gifts are acknowledged to the recipient for you and list your donation in our newsletter and on our website (with no mention of the gift amount).

Gifts in kind

Donation of equipment, machinery, antiques, land or goods and services are welcome to enter our committee approval process. Farmamerica reserves the right to accept only those donations that are in keeping with the mission and vision of Farmamerica. As much as we would love to accept all donations, if we already have a good example of a piece of antique farm machinery we would not be able to accept another as we do not have the storage space available.

Gifts become the property of Farmamerica. Email: info@farmamerica.org to fill out a gift transfer form. If you donation proposal is a gift of machinery, books or other ag artifacts, the Board of Directors will review your donation proposal before allowing it on site.

Endowment gifts

The Searle Family Fund for Farmamerica is a permanent endowment fund to benefit Farmamerica.  This endowment preserves capital assets, provides a vehicle for donors with an interest in the future of agriculture, allows for income to Farmamerica while still experiencing growth of principal;  provides access to sophisticated estate planning vehicles, and builds an income stream for Farmamerica.

Gifts to the endowment are invested and the principal amount in the endowment is never spent.  Each year Farmamerica may use the interest and dividend income from the fund for projects, educational opportunities, or operating, or it can be reinvested at the discretion of the Farmamerica Board of Directors.

Gifts may be in the form of cash, real estate, insurance, annuities, bequests, etc.  All gifts are fully tax deductible.  Estate planning is unique to each individual and you may want to consult your attorney and/or accountant to see how you can receive the maximum tax benefit for your gift or contact the Minnesota Community Foundation.