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Farm America

Country Elevator and Feed Mill

FeedmillThe History

The historic Feed Mill was donated to Farmamerica by a local merchant in 1989.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, feed mills sprung up around the state as more and more farmers arrived in Minnesota. Farmers needed a way to grind and sell their grain and corn before transporting it by railroad to urban areas. Soon, the local feed mill became a local gathering place and store for all of their farm needs, selling seed, livestock feed, medicine, tools, and fertilizers.

As farmers became more prosperous by selling their excess grain, they were able to buy their families luxuries they'd never had before, and their grain was now sold to help feed urban families. 


Transforming the Feed Mill

The Minnesota Grain and Feed Association is spearheading a campaign to revitalize the country grain elevator and feed mill located at the Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center: Farmamerica. Our intent is to ultimately use it to demonstrate the workings of a typical elevator and feed mill, but also to use the warehouse area to tell the  glorious story of the country grain elevator and feed mill. From their role in helping settle the rural landscape to today’s role in feeding Minnesota and the world, the elevator and mill have played a crucial part.

In order to bring this project to life, we are working with the Minnesota Historical Society on exhibit research, design and layout. We are also working with the experts for the reconstruction and functioning of the mill and elevator.